We are both finally getting over a nasty cold. Fortunately, the cold came in phases and Doug had it first so being a day behind him, it’s good to know that it will be get better. He is slowly getting better. It rained yesterday but just enough to wet the pavement, nothing more but the wind howled all day and all night. It was really windy!

Living in Agadir is the same as living in any other developing country but with less traffic and cleaner. The beach here is spectacular and well maintained. The transport using local busses, petite taxis are easy and affordable to everyone. Agadir are building a “new” development with shopping centers, modern apartments, condos and wide roads towards the south. It reminded me of Phu My Hung in Ho Chi Minh City, the “wealthy” section. All the real locals live farther inland past the industrial section of Agadir. Life here is good if you are an expat or a long term visitor. The food is fresh, locally grown, available anywhere and very affordable. You can’t get any fresher than picking a live chicken and dressed from the butchery to the kitchen. It is that fresh!

Gyms are just starting to sprout in Agadir. It’s easier to find a good one for a reasonable price to join in Marrakech or Casablanca or Rabat – major cities with modern amenities. There are advertising and articles about crossfit gyms but it’s just being introduced to Agadir. There are fitness tours around Morocco as an introduction. Just like Vietnam, the women here don’t go to gyms unless they come from the west or most likely have western influence. It is forbidden to show off the arms and legs in Morocco but things are starting to change – a little. In Agadir, foreigners aren’t bothered so much because it is a very touristy atmosphere specially at the beach. So, when I run with my skort we head to the beach where it is somewhat “acceptable” but people still stare.

The weather here is warm, around 30+ C and it’s easy to overheat when running if overdressed. I don’t know how the women do it at the beach, all covered up and running. The long gowns, long sleeves and covered heads. Whenever I see them at the beach, I admire their commitment to their beliefs but at the same time, felt gratitude and appreciation for the freedom of being able to choose what to wear when I workout. I don’t know how the women feel working out with their normal clothing but to me, it’s quite uncomfortable and restricting.

On another note, gyms have different schedules for men and women. Often times, they are segregated. Some of the gyms do have co-ed classes. There is a gym up a few miles that have a fully dedicated gym for women and another for the men, it’s located side by side.

I am not sure if combat sports such as MMA or Muay Thai is even existing here in Agadir. We could never find the one sole gym we thought was just up the street from us. I don’t believe it existed.

Morocco is not a party town, even though there are some bars. We don’t ever go out past 7pm so we don’t know. We are not into drinking or clubbing. It doesn’t appeal to us. We are usually in bed at 8:30pm. The majority of tourists I see lately are older, senior couples. A few bus loads of tourists but they all go together as a group. Unfortunately for the tourism industry here in Agadir, the package travel tours from hotels have been hurting the local economy. The package travel tours offers inclusive deals and it forces tourists to stay in the resort hotels spending their money there the whole time – by the beach.

Walking around the city, we noticed three people with rifles. They always come in three’s, two soldiers with their uniforms on each side and the middle guy in middle in blue uniform which we believe is the local policeman. All three have visible weapons and a few of them stationed in different places in the city. Morocco have increased their security as part of making the country safe, recently. It feels weird seeing the soldiers and policeman. I feel safe yet unsafe. Realizing the anything can happen anywhere, you have to be also on guard in your own way.

We wished we had our bikes. Sigh. There are a lot of people using bikes to go around the city which is cool. Agadir has bike lanes and bikes lanes exist all around Morocco so it’s nice to tour on a bike in Morocco. Traffic is very low and hardly any congestions.

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