Gym in Agadir

We found a decent gym in Agadir and had a tour of it yesterday. It is located in an area in Agadir called Founty. We walked to the south end of the beach promenade and up a wide road. It is a nice gym with equipment we can use and some interesting classes. Founty is an area with new developments, a lot of it are new construction of apartments, resorts and housing. The homes are gated and quite nice. The area is isolated from the busy center and it’s about 3.1km from our apartment so, extra credit workout for us because that’s 6.2km round trip.

The one thing that is new to us is the segregated schedule for men and women. There are days and times dedicated 100% to women working out. During my tour yesterday, I peeked in a spin class and saw a few women complete with their hajib in a room with strobes. They were all smiles as I put my head in to check them out.

The gym is also well maintained with new weight room and cardio equipment. Yesterday was an all women schedule until 3:30pm so Doug could not come in that morning to get a tour. There is a door man that made sure no guys are allowed in the gym at those times. We came back later at 3:30pm and Doug was able to get his tour. It’s something we have to workaround and we are going to workout on mixed or co-ed days and times. The classes as pretty bare in the morning and heavy past 6:00pm. This is quite normal in most gyms as people get off work and head to the gym. If we do take mid-afternoon classes, we need to make sure we get back to the apartment when it’s still light. It’s quite dangerous, I heard once it’s dark in Agadir. I am not sure if that is the way it is on the promenade because it is normally watched over by security all day. Nevertheless, evenings aren’t our thing.

The run or walk on the promenade to get to the gym is really nice. Agadir really worked hard to make the promenade right by the beach so friendly, clean and secured. There are vendors renting out bikes and some selling arts or crafts. I did not see any beggars. There are a lot of beggars in Agadir. Almost every corner in the center and on the main road or any open plaza.

There are apartments around Founty and it’s also nice that it’s right across from the bridge. It is somewhat remote with some shops and restaurants but most of them are high end, not our budget! The cool thing is, there is a big department/grocery store similar to K-Mart called Marjane just half a mile down to the main road. We are exploring the Founty area and hopefully find a reasonably priced apartment. Long term stay is always a good deal and usually within our range of budget for lodging. The area is quite with wide space and of course, a gym. The price of the gym is a bit high for us but the cost effective return of it is worth it.

On the other hand, where we are now is also good. We are so central to everything! We can take the bus to anywhere and most of the time, we walk to places. The local bus ran by a company called Alsa is reliable. The bus arrives quite often. Yesterday, we took the bus from Marjane back to the center and it’s 6MAD per person. People in the bus stare at us as always because we stand out but there were a couple of foreigners yesterday as well. People stare a lot here more than any other place we’ve ever been.

There aren’t a lot of gyms in Agadir. We went to another one up north towards the port and it was so expensive! It is wasn’t cost effective, no way near. I don’t know how people can afford it in Agadir because it seems so unreasonable. The only thing nice is that it is close to our apartment. There are a couple of other gyms but it’s quite far from the center. We are happy we found one decent, laid back and friendly. We will see how it goes.

Our life really revolves around high activity and without it, it would be really difficult. This is normal for us in our life since we met. Working out, running and cycling is an integral part of our life. We realize that as well when we move from place to place. It’s fun to sight see and explore but that’s great if we are short timers. We travel slow and explore slow.

Yesterday, walking back we chatted about time. In the many countries we’ve visited especially the developing countries, it takes planning and time to cook a meal because most of the time there is no refrigeration or that local just are doing it that way. It is also amazing how not having a car to rely on can also take time. We have to plan to catch a bus or walk distances or ride our bikes to get to destination. All of it take time and much more physically demanding.

I remember back when how my life was about “multi-tasking” and by having a car or modern conveniences, I’ve managed to complete multiple tasks at once. In fact, I’ve just managed to create more things to do and add more useless tasks. The amount of time spent working in the office to pay for all the things that make my life easier yet, I still have to multi-task. I must have sucked at filtering what’s important and what is not or prioritizing. In the end, I’ve managed to decrease my physical activities and replaced it with hobbies or sports to get exercise, eat unhealthy foods that are convenient to make, spend more money on food in the fridge, contribute to traffic and pollution by riding the car everywhere, stressed out and ultimately, life revolves around working to pay for things that was suppose to make my life better. We’ve both left that life behind.

We’ve decided to re-prioritize our life…

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