Day 3 AC: Jagat to Dharapani

It was another good day and feeling thankful that the weather’s been nice on our treks so far with no rain or hail but it’s always good to be prepared.  Since we had a very big day the day before and Jagat seems to be a pretty run down village in a way, we are taking the road to recover a bit.  It’s still going to be hot on the dirt roads and occasionally a jeep would pass by sending some dust on our way.  We passed a few waterfalls, met a Nepalese trekker and saw a few nice little villages specially Tal.

Tal is a really neat town right after a very big climb.  It is situated by the river on flat sands.  We did take a little NATT detour right by the river, the switch back climb then to Tal.  The road was on the opposite of Tal so it was kinda nice to be on single tracks.  We stopped by a restaurant and had apple pancake.  It was delicious and we refilled our bottles with some Tang to hydrate.  Right as we entered the town, we saw a few free roaming horses eating grass.  It’s really interesting to note that each guest house would have someone outside welcoming us to their restaurant for lunch, a quick stop or to stay in their lodges.

We finished up then headed off to Dharapani.  The word “dharapani” means tap water in Nepal.  We stopped at a check point to show our TIMS card and permits for Annapurna Circuit.  Doug remembered where Heaven Guest House was from last year’s Manaslu stage race.  It was the same guest house we had lunch and the final stage of the race.  We remembered that awesome moment of finishing our first ever stage race in our life together!  We didn’t stay at that lodge last year but had a nice noodle soup after the race and hung out until the jeeps were ready for us to head down the hill back to Besi Sahar.  We found Heaven Guest House and saw a man who welcomed us to stay.  He gave us a discount for the room with attached bathroom which was great.  We got the room for 300 rupees instead of 600 rupees.  It was just us at the tea house and we were fine with that.  The tea house is located at the bottom of a staircase leading to a suspension bridge that would lead to the Manaslu track so hard to see from the roads of Dharapani unless you know it’s there.  We checked in and had dhal baht for dinner.   It was also getting a bit colder and it’s the first time in our trekking on the AC where we wore our goose down jackets.

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