Day 3: Arughat-Gorkha


Hotel/Guest House:  Hotel Vision (800 rupees – WiFi, hot shower, large room, in room bathroom 3rd floor, very good food, restaurant roof top)

We had a great breakfast and a good night sleep at the hotel in Arughat but there’s a lot of fatigue in the legs.  We took our time to head out following the river to start our climb to Gorkha.  Gorkha was once the capital of Nepal.  Doug bought a Gorkha knife for his brother for Christmas made from Gorkha.  The weather was so much warmer but we were blessed with some sprinkle the night before making the road a bit more packed and less dust.  It was mostly rideable smooth soft dirt, great for mountain biking.

Wow.  The route from Arughat to Gorkha is absolutely breathtaking and it reminded me of the lower Khumbu region.  Everything is so green with endless rice paddies and rich in natural resources.  There were many children greeting us with “goodbye,” some asking us for pencils and some greeting us with “Namaska” instead of the normal “Namaste.”  There were some steep sections where we hiked our bike not because it was super hard but our quads were trashed from the last two days.  I don’t think I ever left my triple ring from the day before.  The one thing we did notice is that our backpacks felt lighter.  I asked Doug if I forgot anything at the hotel in Arughat because my backpack just felt light.

Although the backpack situation is better, not my groin.  There is no saddle sore (yet) but the pressure from the backpack from the last two days left a bit of rawness on the skin so every single bump sucked and was not bearable.  I rode as long as I can bare it then hike to give it a break, a relief at least for a bit.  The downhills are great because I am standing anyways.

There are gazillion goats everywhere and I am much happier to see goats than dogs.  Goats jump around when I pass them, it’s so cute.  There were a lot of seniors just hanging out on a map under tree shades and chatting.  Children running after us asking for pencils and chocolates.  Unfortunately, we don’t have both.  Cows butting heads, farm ladies herding goats, pigs running around eating trash, village people harvesting and us.  It was a very enjoyable day!

There were a lot of nice whoop-ti-doos form by the buses on wet dirt.  It was great because it helped relieved my butt a bit.  It was also getting very hot.  Sweat was dripping all throughout the ride to Gorkha.  Each little village is located at an incline then a descent to the next base of the climb.  Some terrain has those granite slabs which was really hard to ride on specially the uphill.  We stopped to get a drink at a small store at a village not in the map.  It was a straightforward route on a dirt road turning into a paved road about 4 km to Gorkha.  Gorkha is about 1522 m and Arughat is  608 so it was a climb.

We reached Gorkha not as tired as the last two days and really happy to have found Hotel Vision.  Doug went in the hotel to look at the rooms and found a perfect one for us for two days to rest.  A large room with a bathroom, hot shower, free Wifi, TV and really great service.  We had the hotel service our dirty laundry.  It was quite embarrassing pulling out dirty and smelly clothes to count but it had to be done.  We went to the roof top to have lunch and waited for a long time.  It was about mid-afternoon and the food is made to order.  The waiter took our orders without writing it down and I was concerned whether he would remember everything and sure enough, he forget Doug’s show mein so Doug ordered dal bhat an hour later.

The food in the hotel was delicious!  I ordered Chicken Biryani for the first time in Nepal and it was so good.  We had Kothey momos which was half steamed and half fried – our favorite!  The banana lassi hit the spot and Doug enjoyed a bottled coke soda.

It was great that the black out period was only about an hour at 6:30-7:30pm so we had power longer than the 11 hours of no power in Kathmandu.

Tomorrow is rest day so that means, eating, sleeping and recovering!  Yeah!

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