Fact: Plans Always Change

We signed up for a half marathon in Ho Chi Minh thinking that it’s held in January 3rd but later found out that the race is actually held in January 24th which is when Ultra d’Angkor Wat is held.  Sigh.  One of the things we learned and still is learning in a hard way is when to sign up for a running race.  It’s ideal for us if the race is held where we would be but if it’s in a different country, it’s tricky because there are a few things we need to think about.

First, the visa stay.  How long do we have in the country?  Second, how difficult is it to get there?  Third, how much would it cost us?  We want to travel to the race as cheaply as possible.  The last question we would ask is, is it worth the trip?

Unfortunately for us, our original plan for April/May and October/November/December is to trek in Nepal but that is not a plan for next year.  Nepal have become unstable, as a country.  It’s not that it wasn’t unstable before but this time, it’s becoming much worse.  I can write a whole post about the reasons why we don’t have it in our plan for 2016.  The earthquake experience this year for us made us a bit more hesitant to go back.

So, where do we go on those months?

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We are in Chiang Mai right now and just raced our first trail run race in Thailand.  We had a blast!  We have been here nearly three weeks now and have been going to the gym regularly.  We will miss Chiang Mai and wish our visa is more than 30 days.  This is something we are already looking at for 2016.  There is a Thailand consulate in Geneva so we will look into applying for a longer visa next year.  We can get a max of two months for tourist visa but we have to apply for it.  The 30 days we got this time was a visa-exempt.  The other option is to do a visa run to either Cambodia or Vietnam.

We are just warming up to Chiang Mai and it will be hard to leave Chiang Mai the second time around.

Our plan to head to Nha Trang, Vietnam also changed.  We cancelled our hotel booking in Nha Trang and we decided to stay in Ho Chi Minh instead to train for the race and explore the city much more.  Ho Chi Minh have become a very progressive city and finding a gym is not very hard.  We have no clue where we will stay quite yet but I am pretty sure we will figure it out once we get there.

Basically, we have no clue of our next residency in Vietnam.

There is a trail run race in Hong Kong that we would love to do but it’s expensive to go to Hong Kong.  The race logistics is not very easy.  There is an option to go back to Thailand for a trail run race, however the date won’t work with my monthly  period.  It’s won’t be fun, believe me!

The things we look for in places are the following; a good gym to workout, trail run race or running community, affordable apartment and high mountains.

We have locked down our May/June/part of July to Leh, Ladakh India and part of July/August/September/October in the French Alps.  Right now, those places are all in it’s winter season.

We will know more of where we will be when we get to Vietnam!

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