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Sometimes, you wonder why there are people in this world who want to take advantage, hurt, ridicule or make you question your intent.  I prepared myself many months ago when I first started putting up a fan book page for someone I was helping.  Lack of technology and communication was challenging however, I volunteered to administer and represent that someone’s voice based on our communication on Facebook and email.  Preparation to expect trolls making comments that can be hurtful is one thing, but I realized that trolls make a negative impact to someone’s work.  It’s not a big deal because it’s easy to block someone from Facebook and be done.  It’s easy for someone on the other side of the computer screen or mobile device to make nasty comments or just make comments to pull someone down.  I really emphatize with celebrities or any high profile person in the public eye.  One must be thick skinned to deal with it!

It is not the comment that really bugged me, but what the comment intended to mean.  Social media especially a fan page is usually managed by a few people and those people represent the voice of the subject.  The high demand of keeping the fan page up to date is critical in the success of any fan page.  The number of likes and shares increases the exposure.  That is the idea behind a Facebook page.

So, I experienced my first troll comment and it sucks.  It sucks because it made me question my intent for helping the subject.  It’s interesting how comments do that.  I think it’s more hurtful because the subject have become a good friend.  In my spare time and when she is not able to post, we tag team on posting to prevent the page from getting stale.  I ended up having to justify my actions to help another person.  I am not getting paid, nor am I getting any benefits from promoting my friend.  It’s because I want to see my friend successful and she deserves it.  That’s all.

This morning, I am writing this blog sort of a way to vent my feelings out to get it out of my system.  It is a weird experience.  It’s also an eye-opener about making comments on the web.  I read many comments from articles, Facebook, twitter etc and the hurtful comments to the subject didn’t bother me because it’s not directly pointing to me.  Are commenting also one way for people to vent out their emotions by making hurtful comments or become trolls?  I don’t know the reasons but it’s a sad way to live.  It’s one thing to make an opinionated comment, in a civilized manner because it’s more constructive and I’ve read many of those which is great.

Clearly, this is personal because I am personally putting an effort, time and money to help a friend without expecting anything back.  It’s no fun to be in this position.

I’ve been administering the fan page and website since April this year and I think this is a good time to transition the work to my friend.  In a way, maybe it’s a catalyst to depart.  It’s a positive change and I believe that my friend will be able to handle her social media now compared to when we first started.  I’ve been putting a lot of effort in getting it going and it’s a good time to realize that it’s time to let go.

This is yet another one of those times where I have to let go and move on.  The foundation is laid out, things are moving along and enough knowledge is transferred for my friend to keep it going.

Letting go is not hard in this case.  There are many situations in my life in the past that was really hard to let go and it took some time to move on.  Most of them were situations that I have no control of.  As the time passes, I learned to accept that it’s out of my control so let go and move on or work around it.

Yesterday, I was chatting with my friend about the fuel crisis in Nepal.  I pinged her because I was worried.  I’ve been following Nepal news on a regular basis and the blockage from the India border is getting worse.  There is no fuel to cook.  No fuel for transportation.  There is a black market for gas.  She reassured me that she is okay.  She would cook rice in a rice cooker and then purchase other dishes from the market.  Riding her bike saves fuel.  Even cooking with electricity is a challenge because of the rolling blackouts in Nepal and I would imagine it’s worse now because everyone would be using electricity to cook.  People in Nepal are starting to use wood for cooking which is not very environmentally friendly but in desperate times, survival is priority.  That is the reality.

My friend is so positive.  Despite the hardships, she looks at it in a positive way.  It is winter time in Nepal so she told me that burning wood will keep her warm and it’s fun to cook.  She can ride her bike a lot and eat anything she wants.

This is who she is and this is how I know her since the day I interviewed her.  This is why I wanted to help.  We need more people in this world like her and her inspiration should be shared to others.

Personally, I was humbled and learned that no mater how shitty your life is – if you look at it in a positive way, you will be happy no matter where you are or what the situation is.  This is why I love Asia and Nepal in general or the more disadvantaged countries.  The way they see a chaotic, disastrous and shit life is not the same as how I see it because they turn it around to a much more beautiful life.  There is a deeper meaning to life.

It’s easy for them to let go of things that are out of their control and work around it.   I start to see how doing that really builds character.  Hardships in life is a part of life, dealing with it is up to the person.

As for the troll, I have the power to ignore it.

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  1. Great stuff, Angela. I always thought of it as a cliche phrase, but I’ve come to see for myself that those who go out of their way to say bad things like that are actually lacking something on their end. Hopefully for their sake they can rise above it one day..stick to what makes sense to you and keep up the good work. Really stoked to see you guys are doing well out there!

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