Life in Pattaya

We’ve been here in Pattaya, Thailand for over a month now and our Muay Thai training routine is starting to shape up.  Pong Yaeng Trail race was a great event and we did better than we expected considering the set backs in Leh, India.  In the last 9 km of the race, it was all mental and pushing the body beyond what we have trained for.  We finished in less than 9 hours and in the top 20% of the field, not too bad!  Results aside, we saw very inspiring racers, race staffs, volunteers and everyone who made the race a big success.

Thank you Pong Yaeng Trail for an amazing time!

This is our first time in Pattaya, Thailand.  We are here for a couple of months to explore and train Muay Thai.  There are a few Muay Thai gyms in Pattaya, some high end and some mom and pops.  We found a gym a few minutes away and have been going there since.  Muay Thai in Thailand is HARD.  My training at Saigon Sports Club is nothing compared to real Muay Thai training in Thailand.  It’s challenging even more to take 2 sessions, 6 days a week without building up to it!  Right now, we concentrate on building our stamina up and enough time to recover without burning out or getting injured.  Our sweet spot is 4 days a week and only a morning session.

Monday, Tuesday Muay Thai then Wednesday is strength conditioning day at another gym.  Thursday and Friday Muay Thai again then a full weekend off for some long endurance training in the bike or running.

Since the 44km trail race, which was quite mountainous in Chiangmai we have not been running much.  The body isn’t quite ready for a 10km which is what fighters generally run in the morning.  One thing great about having our own bikes (cycling) is that it’s a great alternative to running and recovery at the same time.  We jumped into Muay Thai immediately after PYT race so it was a bit tough the first two weeks of Muay Thai.  As the weeks went by, things are looking good.

A short Buddha run in the morning!

Our life here is pretty simple.  We get up, have breakfast, cycle to the gym (20 mins or less), Muay Thai morning session (2 hrs), cycle back and get lunch, shower, rest, sleep, get dinner then go to bed.  We are early morning people so no late night outings for us.  We are in bed by 8pm!

We like riding our bikes on Jomtien Beach to the gym specially in the morning.  There’s less traffic and it’s cool.  Lately, it’s been cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoons.  A few days it rained in the afternoon.  In Thailand, you don’t go hungry because food is available everywhere specially in small local markets.  Going to the market and getting lunch or dinner our favorite time of the day.  Foods are all prepared and wrapped up.  Rice is all cooked and ready to eat.  Fish, pork, chicken and even boiled eggs for some protein.  The best part of all on days we do a Muay Thai session, we get those delicious sticky rice desserts and there are so many to choose from.

Tough morning Muay Thai session!

Our bicycles are our commute vehicle and we ride everywhere specially to get groceries at Big C or any interesting markets or supermarkets.  Luckily, we found our apartment pretty central to everything so it’s not hard at all to get to places with a bicycle.  One thing we love about Thailand, they are nice to cyclists here and there are so many places to ride to.

In the weekend, we try to do our mini-cycling day trip to explore a tourist spot or interesting Wat or places on the map.  We try to cover about 20km each way and have a total of around 40km round trip which is pretty good endurance training.  It’s a slow ride and fun time finding very interesting places.

The first mini-cycling day trip we did was to a small fishing village located right by the naval base called Bangsaray.  It’s really peaceful there and we rode through small local residential streets.  The public is allowed into the naval base through the guarded gates and there is a cycling path by the beach.  It’s beautiful there.

A nice and quiet beach in Bangsaray

There are small markets and eateries along the way.  The locals actually greet us and wave.  It’s a really relaxing place to visit.  I noticed there are small homestays as well as some low rise condos not like Pattaya’s high rises.

So far, we really like our situation here and we finally got a good daily training routine.  The infrastructure in Pattaya is really good specially for those who want to stay long-term like 6 months to a year or even just 3 months.  It’s only a few hours from Bangkok.

We actually cycled from Bangkok to Pattaya!  We did it in 2 days breaking the mileage to about 60+km each day with an overnight in Chonburi city.  Right after we got off Bangkok airport, the hotel shuttle picked us up.  It was pretty late in the evening but it didn’t stop us from eating a late Thai dinner, yum!  The next day, we had breakfast then assembled our bikes then headed out with our backpacks.

The first day was very challenging specially getting out of Bangkok with all the big trucks in the highway.  The most direct way to get to Pattaya is the highway, 3.  On top of the horrendous traffic, it downpoured on us heavily and we had to stop at a gas station to wait out the big cloud burst.  It made it more challenging with puddles on the roads with the traffic.  We found a condo with a reasonable rate in downtown Chonburi so we booked it online outside of the condo!  We got a nice room with a kitchen and a view of the sea.  The next day was much better from Chonburi all the way to Pattaya.

The last few hundred meters to the apartment was this nasty climb uphill…but all worth it and we like hills!

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