Muay Thai Training Camp in Pattaya

We’ve decided to come back to Pattaya, Thailand after our visit to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam after the holidays.  It’s cool here in Pattaya.  Our exploration in the last two months have led us to find out about great cycling routes in the rural roads as well as some good running on the beach and some hills.  We’ve been really happy training at the Muay Thai gym and have been going consistently.  Our fitness for Muay Thai is making progress and we are excited to continue our training camp in Pattaya for another 6 months starting in January.

It’s not hard to get an apartment in Pattaya and the supply is high so the prices are quite competitive.  Pattaya also have great infrastructure making it easy for expats to live in.  It’s easy to get around with a bicycle and traffic is not so bad.  Drivers are friendly to cyclists here because it’s a means of transportation and cycling is very common in Thailand.  It’s really simple to find an apartment, just call the condo agent and they set up an appointment for a walk through.  The price of apartment can vary depending on a few things like location, floor, views, number of rooms and project development.  Some condos are still being built so this is why it’s important to really see the apartment you are renting first.  All of the condo sales and rental personnel were very welcoming.  We found a condo close to the Muay Thai gym which was awesome!

Muay Thai training is going really well and this week we will increase our training days from 4 to 5 days a week and only the morning session.  Coming back from Leh, India after an extreme altitude training living at 11,800 ft for a month then jumping into a 44km trail run race was tough on the body.  On top of the 4 months absence from Muay Thai and concentrating on hiking in the French Alps, the body will need some time to get into Muay Thai fitness mode.  Even if we have good fitness in trail running or cycling, it’s not the same however, the benefits to the process of getting fit for Muay Thai is very complimentary as we are finding out.

I will sure miss the training here in Pattaya when we go to Ho Chi Minh City because the training in Thailand is not the same as in Vietnam, it’s more focused and tougher.  Our base training camp in Vietnam is Saigon Sports Center and that is where I began my Muay Thai journey.  One reason we are going back, our journey in getting so much fitter in our travels started at SSC.  It’s a special gym for us.  It would be cool to see my Krus from SSC again and visit friends.  The facility is the best in the world for training Mixed Martial Arts and the roster of fighters that train at SSC are high level and champions in the world.  That is so motivating and inspiring.  Once you train at SSC, it’s very hard not to come back again.

The gym we train at in Pattaya have fighters, mostly Thai fighters and they are such inspiration for us everyday.  We will learn more about Muay Thai and will be training harder starting January.

Pattaya is not at all what we thought the first time we came reading all what the city was about.  Thailand’s running community, specially the trail running scene is growing and cycling is really awesome here.  Combined with Muay Thai, it’s even better.  There are lots of events that is easy to get to and choose from triathlon to trail running and long endurance cycling organized rides around Thailand.

We look forward to the 6 months here to train, explore the city and other places in Thailand.  Traveling out to other islands or neighboring countries is also so easy from Bangkok which is just a few hours from Pattaya.

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