Muay Thai Training Camp

We drove into a dirt parking lot and got a view of where we will spend most of our day next week.  We’ve signed up for a one week Muay Thai Training Camp in Pai starting Monday.

Yes, as soon as I saw the open fight ring and the number of people at that gym my heart rate increased by the three folds.  Intimidated already and it’s not even Monday yet.  Why go to a Muay Thai training camp?  What has gotten into us?  A week long of physical torture and mental toughness is our idea of a good time?  We have not done Muay Thai in our life and we know the sport from watching many UFC fights online.  Do we even know what we are getting into?

I sort of dragged Doug into the idea and he won’t sign up unless I did.  I also thought the same about the cooking class.  I wouldn’t sign up for the cooking class unless he would, too.  We both agreed that Muay Thai would be more fun for both of us, plus we are so out of shape right now it’s not funny.  We need a kick start before trekking in Nepal.

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Also, it’s Muay Thai and we are in Thailand.  Thailand is the birth place of what is now a popularized martial arts sports all over the world.  The technique, discipline, physical strength and mental toughness can be gained from learning Muay Thai.  Best of all, it will probably whip us to shape by the end of the week after about a couple of months of our foodie adventures.  It’s time to get back into shape before heading up to Nepal.  I’ve read the reviews of this place and most people rave about the great coaches at the gym.  We are going to find out more about it next week.  It will be an experience we want to have, together.

We show up on Monday and pay in cash 3,000 baht ($100)/person for 2 sessions each day including 2 meals (after each session) for 6 days.

I received a confirmation email about the camp and additional info about the daily schedule.  It goes like this…

“The training programme covers all aspects of Muay Thai and the team focuses on teaching technique thoroughly as well as improving cardio fitness and strength and conditioning.  We train twice a day (8am-10am and 3pm-5pm) from Monday to Saturday.

The daily training schedule covers all of the following; basic to advanced technique instruction, shadow boxing, pad rounds with trainers (3 to 5x 3 minute rounds), bag work, circuit training, clinching (afternoons) and sparring (every Wednesday and Saturday) and we finish each session with an abdominal/core strength workout.

The team will track your progress and introduce more advanced techniques as you develop to ensure you get the most out of your time with us.”

We’ve booked a bungalow close to the gym for convenience.  Pai has a lot of these resorts with tiny bungalows for rent.  It’s primitive and located usually outside the main street drag to bring a more relaxing and quiet atmosphere to vacationeers.  We drove by and checked out the place.  We are moving to Good Morning Pai this weekend and it looks nice. We look forward to staying there during our training camp.

Let’s see how Monday goes!

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