Jet Lagged

My mom reminded me of how short our visit was to California right before we left.  A total of 11 days.  Jet lag was really bad and just a few days before we left sleeping pattern was back to normal then it was time to go through another jet lag.  It will take a few days to get back to normal sleep patterns in Vietnam but likely a faster adjustment.  The main survival tip for jet lag in my opinion is to listen to the body.  If the body wants to sleep, don’t deprive it but get enough sleep to function even if it means to be awake at weird hours.  Drinking coffee doesn’t help me, I know that.  Once the body is ready to go into that deep sleep, there’s no way around it.  It is the body’s way to recover.

We couldn’t be more happier to be back in Vietnam and eager to get back to normal routine at the gym.  In a month, we switch up to the mountains with another routine.  This has been how our life is for over two years.  We roam back to places we enjoy the most.

There have been some discussion about bike touring lately.  My other half is quite obsessed with anything bike touring.  We’ve got our tent, sleeping bags, sleeping mats and cookery from California for our planned trekking and mountain biking trips planned up in the French Alps and Ladakh.  No specific details yet but we will as soon as we get there.

It’s 4:20am here in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and as I blog away, semi-trucks pass by with their bull horns honking away.  The funny thing is, it doesn’t bother me one bit.  Honking in Ho Chi Minh City can sure be annoying but at some point, it becomes a part of the ambiance of the city.  Chaotic, polluted, hot, humid and always filled with energy.  It’s expected to hear roosters at the crack of dawn along with motorbikes, semi trucks honking like mad.  It’s just another day in Ho Chi Minh City.  That’s how it goes.

Life is suppose to be uncomfortable.  We came out of our mother’s womb uncomfortable, cold and no longer protected behind the walls.  Change is always uncomfortable but it’s also a way to grow.  Change have been everyday for us in the last two years and we’ve both have grown as people on this earth.

This last week in California, we have realized that change is a good thing.  To feel uncomfortable is a good thing.

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