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“Metabolic Conditioning workouts, or MetCons for short, are fast paced, high intensity workouts completed in a short period of time that will challenge your cardiovascular capacity, put your metabolism into overdrive and rapidly burn fat.”

I loved the class and will add it into our training plan as strength and conditioning.  The 6:15 am classes are only 50 mins long but the workouts are high intensity like HIIT so it’s tough.  It was also our first time in a Met Con class.  You can tell if an instructor has experience when the first thing he asks is what our level is and then adjusts the workouts based on our level.  We’ve done our own HIIT workouts in the past on our own so we are familiar with some drills.  Matt cut back the regular reps and will progressively work up the reps as the classes go by.

We had a great workout and it was just enough to start the first class.

Here is what we did: 3 sets

500 m rowing machine

10 box jumps

15  back pulls (assisted via TRX)

It doesn’t seem a lot but try doing it 3 sets!

He timed us and both of us were under 15 mins.  I am not sure what the significance of timing but I think in Met Con, time is a goal.  It’s the speed and transition time doing each workouts.  This raises the heart rate up to VO2Max I am sure.  This is where it’s interesting.  For me, my heart rate was about Z3, one thing I learned big time in trail running is pacing.  It’s also early morning and we didn’t get a good warm-up before the sets which I will do next time before class.  We have about 15 mins to get a good warm-up.

The biggest concern I have is not our endurance or stamina, it’s more muscle tear or damage from the movements when taking these type of classes.  Muscle tear requires 48 hours to repair with proper food and sleep or rest – for me.  I know what muscle tear feels like and impossible to do other activities during their recovery process.  Another experience I have in the past is not to hurry up the movements for a few weeks to strength the joints so as not to damage the soft tissue – again, takes a while to recover.  Some movements that really causes injury are the jerking movements with weights.  I have to be conscious about those.  These are lessons I’ve learned in the past that I am just very careful about.  My goal is to be very consistent in my training and remain strong during classes or workouts.  Injury sucks.

Matt gave us drills just right and my body is okay.  No soreness so good sign.  We plan to go to class again on Friday.  The workouts in Met Con is very beneficial to conditioning our bodies if done properly.

We skipped the burpees but I am sure it’s going to happen in our next class.  Those are really tough to do however, what is tough makes us stronger.

This week is a bit more load and I am feeling some fatigue but not bad.  It’s a normal kinda of soreness, easily recovered by sleep, rest and food.

Met Con will help strength the body for those downhill speed I am looking for without breaking anything.  It’s really a great preparation.  Trail running is harsh on the body specially in Europe, the downhills are brutal.  Everything hurts when running on a technical downhill specially when it’s long, steep and very technical which is common in the French Alps.  I like going fast and I know I can go hard endurance-wise but the body needs to survive the conditions.

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