Muay Thai Continues…

Doug’s knee is doing well but he is still paranoid about messing it up and I think he worries more than he should.  He’s been taking boxing as religiously as I am taking Muay Thai this year.  Whenever we spar, he would be boxing and I would be doing Muay Thai.  Boxer vs Muay Thai and it’s been fun.  I could definitely use some of those boxing defense and it’s improved my defense in Muay Thai jabs big time.  He and I have also been clinching.  It’s something that is a work in progress since I only started learning “real” Muay Thai clinching just a couple of months ago.  Also, Doug is stronger so it’s a good way for me to get stronger.  In class, I do clinch with guys and they are usually bigger, taller and stronger.  Sometimes, I clinch with our Khrus (Muay Thai teacher) and they would sweep me on the ground in no time.  I’ve been drop hundreds of times in clinching.

It’s April already and week #18 of Muay Thai training for 2017.  Time flies.  It’s already my 11th month combined this year and last year training Muay Thai.  I’ve improved and is training 3-4 hours per day.  “EFD” (Every Fucking Day).

At the moment, I’ve been obsessing about Muay Thai.  I live it everyday.  All I do is eat, sleep and train Muay Thai then repeat.  I love it.  Doug loves it.  We are content and happy of our training life.  It is who we are.

I am so relaxed now.  Muay Thai has taught me that.  It has taught me to manage my heart rate during pad work, sparring, clinching and heavy bag work.  Muay Thai has a lot to do with relaxation and calmness.  Pacing is critical.  Coming from training for over 10 years as an amateur cyclist and ultra trail running, the way Muay Thai fighters train is extremely scientific in so many ways. I am learning more and more about how Muay Thai fighters train and mesh it in with what I learned over the years.  For example, their running – it’s something they do every day but there is a reason behind it and it’s one of the things they do that make their training a very successful one.  It’s not just running but it’s more, they combine intervals into their run some days and some days they do recovery run depending on the needs.  It is often by feel and it’s amazing.  Thai fighters know their intensity levels and HR zones without a heart rate because it’s through PE or perceived effort since at a young age.  This is what really attracted me to Muay Thai even more…the fighters.  I’ve got a whole lot of things I’ve written in my training logs, I don’t want to bog down my post of boring stuff but you kinda get the point.  It is incredibly fascinating and I love piecing it together with the scientific side of it – it makes so much sense!

There are other aspects of Muay Thai that really captivated me as well, the cultural side of it and the livelihood of fighters in Thai’s social community.  Again, there is so much to cover for this post!  I want to dig in deeper.

So, since 2016 I’ve been logging all my training days religiously and have a collection of training plans – what worked and what didn’t work.  It’s something I’ve done since my racing days so it’s nothing new to me.  Every goal, big or small I’ve smashed it.  It’s something I love to do and also, I am a naturally geeky person. LOL! Doug and I have an obsession in training, since the day we met…

Eat. Sleep. Train. Repeat.

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