Muay Thai for Life

This month marks 10 months of Muay Thai training in Ho Chi Minh City. Last year, it was 7 months and then this year it’s now 3 months going to 6 in June before we leave for the French Alps. Over a year of daily Muay Thai training, just like that. My other half have been religiously going to boxing class as well. It’s been so much fun.

Muay Thai is a keeper and for us, Ho Chi Minh City is a great start. We love it here and the training at Saigon Sports Club is much more tamed than training in Thailand. There is no pressure here and our Krus (Thai for teacher) are Thais so great knowledge are shared in class. My Muay Thai skills have improved dramatically this year with the addition of sparring and clinching. It is now a part of our life besides the high mountains.

We are thinking about going to Thailand the end of this year to train Muay Thai however, there are a few things we have to think about. The biggest one is finding a good gym that fits our lifestyle. There are a myriad of Muay Thai gyms in Thailand so there are so many choices. The best way is to really try them out. A lot of them have accommodations around the gym like serviced apartments, grocery stores and markets. Another thing to think about is the quality of teaching. Almost all gyms cater to real Muay Thai fighters and they offer general classes to those who want to learn or with varied levels of experience. How are they treating non-fighters who are also passionate about Muay Thai and want to learn good techniques?

We’ve got a long break in Europe and India before coming back again to Asia. Hunny wants to explore Asia on two wheels so he’s been researching about routes, logistics etc. We could combine bike tour around Thailand to explore Muay Thai gyms, which is one option. That way, we get to see Thailand with our bikes and train for weeks at a time. Right after our trip to Luang Prabang, Laos we were both excited about taking bikes back to Laos. It really think that would be fun to blog about!

The question I’ve had in my mind lately is, how far should I go with Muay Thai? Muay Thai is a fascinating martial arts, it’s more than that once you get to know it. The history, the fighters lives, the culture etc. I am just beginning to learn more about Muay Thai. It is hard training and expect bruising. I have no desire to be a fighter however, training like a fighter is the best overall fitness workout! Starting from the daily drills, pad work, sparring and clinching – it’s a full body workout! I love it. I want to be fitter every year and that is my current situation. I’m discovering a lot about myself, my confidence, my strength and the changes in my body. We like feeling strong in everything we do.

Right now, for a few more months Muay Thai is our life. We eat, train, sleep and repeat.

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