Muay Thai for Fitness

We are settled in our new apartment.  It’s been raining on and off in Ho Chi Minh City but I don’t mind because it cools everything down.  Our 4km walk yesterday to the apartment was humid and hot.  It was a sweat session while navigating through the busy streets of HCMC.  However, the walk was quite enjoyable just because there are so many people out and food everywhere.

We got to our apartment and then to the gym to sign up for the membership.  Everyone was helpful and super nice.  This is the ideal place for us.  A place to stay where we can call home and just a minute walk to the gym.  We signed up at Saigon Sports Club and it’s an incredible gym, here in Ho Chi Minh City.  This gym has a very high standard and their equipment is top notch.  It’s the most beautiful gym I’ve ever seen in my life, no kidding!

Here is a quick tour of their gym via their channel:

Saigon Sports Club is unique from the other gyms we’ve seen because it focuses more on martial arts training.  We really enjoyed our Muay Thai training camp in Pai, Thailand and want to really continue the training.  Our goal is not to fight but we both believe that Muay Thai training is really good for us, to keep us fit.  So, this new adventure is our own Muay Thai training camp.

We also love the apartment we are staying at right now, not just because it’s across from the gym but the service is excellent.  The apartment has a full kitchen which we wanted and it includes all utilities, wifi, cleaning, laundry plus breakfast.  Right now, we have an apartment with a pool and city view, in a week we will have a garden view for a lesser price but same apartment lay out.  We really like it here, also because it is located in the older District 7 which has myriads of street food, food stalls, local restaurants and supermarkets just outside the premise.  We can still venture out to eat with the locals anytime.

The Big C supermarket is less than a kilometer away (through traffic!) and it has most of what we need to make food.  We are learning to read labels, how the grocery store is laid out and basically, how to grocery shop in Vietnam!  Before I go to the local outdoor markets, I need to get familiar with the foods first and a supermarket is a good way to ease into it.

Last night was our first ever crossfit class which was called “Functional Training” in SSC.  It was tough and most of the workouts during the class are body weight type of weight training like chin ups, push ups, dips etc.  I usually use an assisted machine for those exercises in the weight room so it was tough.  Luckily, there are bands to help assist but just a little!  We both survived the class and was all drenched in sweat.  I drank two liters of water last night.  My arms were all pumped but it felt great.  The good thing is, in the class we do as much reps as we can but we finish our sets.  This class is about pushing limits.  It’s a good thing I ran before the class because the class will need a good warm up, at least for me – this is to loosen up the tight muscles and prepare the joints for the tough session.

We got back super tired but stoked about working out again!

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