Our Lifestyle is Training Camp

We are heading up to the mountains of Chamonix, France in a few days.  There are two trail running races we signed up for and one of them is a 3 days stage race.  That is our big race this year, Ultra Tour Monte Rosa.

When we first started this lifestyle, sold everything we owned and live out of our 35L backpack, we  didn’t know where life would lead us.  What happened over the last year and a half tells us pretty much what we live for.  Racing and training while exploring the world.  We find or get an ad for a race, we sign up then we train for it.  That became our life!

This year started out with a goal to strengthen the body so we found Saigon Sports Club in Ho Chi Minh City.  We trained Muay Thai for 6 months and lived a plush life on a budget!  You mean, we can do this?  We got an apartment with a kitchen, laundry, cleaning service and 50% off the gym membership.  Oh, also add in the full breakfast buffet.   All we do is train, eat, sleep and train some more.  We enjoyed it a lot!

Last year, Nepal’s earthquake led us to Chamonix, France.  At that time, we were just looking for three months to a place we can be safe and take a break from the many days we spent at altitude from Nepal and Ladakh, India.  We knew nothing about Chamonix except that the biggest trail running race in the world is held in August, UTMB and it was the time we were there.  Chamonix blew us away with the beautiful Mont Blanc mountains and the ease of getting around.  We hiked a lot and then signed up for a trail run race in October.  Since we have been “training” for a couple of months, why not?!

Right after Chamonix, we headed back to Thailand and signed up for another trail running race in November.  Coming from a big race for us in Europe, we just had to.

Rewinding back to Ladakh, India, we also signed up for a grueling 9-days stage race crossing from Manali to Leh – Trans-Himalayan mountains of India.  It was an amazing experienced and again, we trained and lived at 11,800 ft almost three months before the race.  We found an affordable and once again a very comfortable stay at the top floor of a Ladakhi home with very big kitchen, a sun room and breathtaking views of Stok Kangri.

Going back to the day we got to the airport on a new life, we never thought or didn’t really know how things will play out.  All we know is that our mission was to find mountains to hike, run and mountain bike.  We started in Nepal after a quick trip to Thailand because we were waiting for the trekking season to start.  We stayed up in the Annapurna circuit and the Khumbu region for almost 2 months.  After that, we didn’t know what would happen and how we would plan things out.

I do believe that there is a flow in life, just like water running through a river.  I learned that when I plan something, I should listen and be open to other voices that come along.  That is how we were led to where we are today.  Exploring is not looking for something or places but letting circumstances lead us to the next point in our journey.  Both of us have ideas of where we want to go but it’s an open plan because we know that once we get to one country, everything can change and we find new wonderful adventures we’ve never experienced before.  We’ve become easy going and loose in life.  We go with the flow.

We love to train and we like racing.  Our life is a training camp, pretty much and we enjoy that.  It keeps us fit and on our toes.  We find amazing and incredible experiences meeting people who inspire us and motivate us.

The whole year, where ever we are – our goal is to train hard and enjoy the challenges of racing around the world.  That is our lifestyle.

Thank you for following our journey and reading our posts!

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