Time flies…

Rainy season arrived in Ho Chi Minh City.  The cloud bursts brought in some heavy down pours in the afternoons.  It’s been really wet outside but the city is still buzzing with honking horns from the motorbikes passing outside our apartment complex.  It’s a good relief from the heat we’ve been getting last month.

We only have about a month and a half left in Vietnam and I have some mixed feelings about leaving our training routine.  I will certainly miss the hard work, sweat and fun classes at Saigon Sports Club.  We’ve been in Vietnam since mid-December last year and never thought we would stay here that long.  The biggest reason we stayed long is the gym and the convenience of having a place to stay right across from it.  It’s been really amazing.

France is our next destination and we found our little home in Les Houches.  Les Houches is a little village at the end of Chamonix valley.  It’s a really quaint place and a lot less busy than Chamonix valley.  It’s about 10-15 mins bike ride from Les Houches to Chamonix center or a quick train ride.  Soon, we will be waking up to a morning of sunshine and big mountains.  Our apartment is right by the center of Les Houches with 2 grocery stores in walking distance.  There is a bakery across from us.  Bus and train access is also across from our apartment.  Studio apartments in the French Alps are tiny and most of them have bunk beds and double sofa bed in the living room.  The trail heads are walking distance just like anywhere in the Chamonix valley.  The way the trails are set up in the French Alps is very convenient.

Our flight will have a very long over in Russia.  Almost 20 hours layover and we have to stay in the airport.  We looked into a transit visa to get a hotel by the airport to get some sleep but it’s over a hundred dollars for such a visa in Russia.  So, just like what we did in Delhi and Mumbai airport we will have a night cap somewhere in the airport.  At least there wouldn’t be mosquitoes like Delhi and Mumbai.  Mumbai was the worst.  We flew into Russia once before and their airport is quite busy.  I read there’s not really a lot of place to lounge except for VIP lounges.  This is our life, as frugal travelers.  It always ends up very interesting…

In a couple of weeks, we are doing our last visa run for Vietnam.  Doug planned out a couple of days in Bangkok and we are watching another Muay Thai fight, in a mall.  I’m looking to get some multi-vitamins and Iron from Thailand – there’s not much choices here in Vietnam.  The pharmacies are limited when it comes to normal vitamins.  There are several small pharmacies around us but it’s not well stocked like Thailand.  Other necessary emergency mess like paracetamol, anti-biotics and anti-diarrhea stuff like that.  These are some of what I carry just in case one of us gets a bug while traveling.

We look forward to the mountains again but at the same time, will really miss the gym and everyone we’ve met so far.  Our lifestyle is moving around and what I realize is, the friendships we build everywhere we go is very special.  Everyone is unique but everyone is the same…everyone is inspiring, motivating and make us better people.  We learned many life lessons from a diversity of culture.  It’s beautiful.

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