Time to go…

Trail du Tour des Fiz will be our first race in France before Ultra Trail Monte Rosa.  We don’t have a lot of time to be on the mountains before TDTDF because we arrive 2 weeks before the race.  We are also worried about Doug’s knees whether it will heal completely by then.  There’s still time, 4.5 weeks before race day however his knees aren’t healing fast enough.  We hope that it will.  Injury is never fun.

It’s not a completely debilitating injury as he can walk and run but not race ready at all.  The brutal mountains will eat him up in his current condition.  Most of all, if he does run in his condition there will be negative post effects for sure.  We will have to go one day at a time in doing what we can to get it better.

2.5 weeks more to go and we are realizing that 7 months in a place without mountains is very difficult.  3 months is probably the max time that we find enough time spent in a country.  It’s enough to time to explore a place.  3 months in Vietnam to train is a great gym is good enough but not more than that.  We’d love to train in Thailand as well.  Chiang Mai is our speed.  We love the weekend markets, open markets of walking distance, the variety of easily accessible food, Thai food, the welcoming Thai people and laid back vibe of the city.  I’d like to improve on my Muay Thai in the future and the best place to train Muay Thai is in Thailand.

We are eager and anxious to head back to the mountains.  Two and a half weeks seems forever.  We’ve got a lot of things happening once we get to our apartment in France.  Tour de France a week after we arrive so we pick up our bikes to follow the race around Mont Blanc.  A week later, we race TDTDF.  Doug booked two overnight backpack trips around Mont Blanc in August before our UTMR stage race beginning September, both as block training then we race UTMR.

This is our life now.  There’s still many places in this world to be explored.  Most of the places we truly enjoy are the mountains or where nature is abundant.  Finding these places are a challenge specially when all of them have good weather all at the same time of year!  We are still looking for the perfect place to stay during the winter months, so far not many options.

Let’s hope Doug’s knees get better soon…sigh.


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