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We were crushed on Thursday.  The first Muay Thai Cardio class was 35 mins of insane high intensity circuit class.  But, it’s all really good!  It was fun and Miles, “The Punisher” was amazing.  Last Thursday was also the start of a new schedule and the gym opens up at 6am instead of 7am which is AWESOME!

Since then, we’ve been coming in every morning at 6am to do a cardio class or treadmill workouts.  Saigon Sports Club has that treadmill I am looking for.  It has a 30% incline max and up to -4% decline.  Why love it so much?  It’s because there are no mountains here in Ho Chi Minh City and to simulate a mountain power hike and running requires a special kind of treadmill and they have it!  I discovered another feature that is so cool, vertical meter gain.  Seriously, that is a great treadmill to start conditioning the legs for the mountains while training Muay Thai.

This morning, I just climbed over 2,000 ft!  Since it’s my first day training the gains, I took it slowly increasing at 5% each 5 mins then in the last 15 min increased the incline by 20-25-30% max.  A good start to see how the legs feel and with all the intensity from Muay Thai and cardio sessions – I hardly feel any lactic build up, just sweating a lot.  This is really good Z2 training which I can do all day long.

Next week’s goal is to climb 1000 m per day, each morning except on cardio class days.


Right after an hour in the morning, we come back to the apartment then have breakfast before the 9am Muay Thai class.  I normally come in an hour early to do some shadow workouts and some bags to practice my techniques.  It’s going to be a heavier load next week than normal and we will see how the body reacts.

12109184_10209570577405305_2823697717872960536_nAnother thing Saigon Sports Club offers is free body composition measurements via IOI.  I took my first measurement last month and compared it to this month.  I lost a total of 4.18 lbs and 2.42 lbs of it is fat.  My body fat percentage is now 26.1% and my goal is to get it around 21-22% at 132 lbs in 4 months which is very doable if I keep consistent.  So far, so good.  No restrictions in eating, just normal real food and yes I do eat those sweet delicious rice cakes always!  It’s really what works for me, real food with real ingredients plus the right timing.  The reasons for the measurement is to monitor lean body mass and speed of weight loss.  I want to keep lean muscle mass as much as I can hence, I’ve also added strength training 1-2 times a week.  I really look forward to next month’s results.

It really makes a difference living across an excellent gym with fantastic staff, high standard equipment, focused classes, extremely clean environment and inspiring instructors.

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