Two Years Later

We left Morocco in December and headed back to Vietnam. It was a nice feeling to be back to another place we call “home.”

Living in Ho Chi Minh City is really tough but our focus is to live and breath Muay Thai. Our schedule is the same everyday, train, eat and sleep. A very simple life.

It’s now over two years traveling and we have our favorite places where we like going back to annually. We are very happy and content everyday. We are grateful and thankful for where we are.

We live in Asia and Europe depending on the season.

We still are living with 30L of all of what we own roaming around. We still are eating local foods depending on where we are. We are still doing what we love, trail running, hiking, mountain biking to explore the mountains and have added an obsession to Muay Thai when not in the mountains.

It is possible to live with less and still be happy.

People often ask us if we miss home. We no longer consider what was our home, our home anymore. We’ve changed so much and it will be a culture shock for us to go back. We do miss our families, however they’ve been traveling and we get to meet them somewhere around the world. Our “home” is where ever we end up living in the world.

A lot of things happened in two years and it’s been really amazing. We see the world differently now with a lot more emphasis in understanding rather than judgement. We realized that everyone we meet have a story, it is their way of life and respect it. Every country have their flaws but also have an underlying beauty and fascinating culture. We are visitors and there’s so much more to learn about people.

Everyday, we are thankful for the opportunity to experience such unique, diverse and imperfectly perfect world.

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